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Les Partenaires grâce à qui l'aventure ANAMNESE existe.

IMT Starter Incubator.

By winning the digital Startup Trophy, Anamnese has joined the incubator of the Institut Mines Telecom.

X Accelerator.

Anamnese was created in the Polytechnique Startup accelerator.

Health competitiveness cluster.

Global competitiveness cluster of innovative technologies for health and new therapies.

Coordinating City Hospital.

STUDIOsanté uses the Anamnese solutions for nutritional monitoring and chronic pain.

Quality care for all.

Anamnese optimises The course of care EHPAD-hospital by attending nurses at the Creusot.

Anaesthesia software.

Anamnese and Moebius have designed a monitoring tool and patient care pre-anesthesia/follow-up post operation.

Service and technology to live better.

Paris & Co's Health innovation platform has been accompanying us since May 2018.

Regional funding

Thanks to the "INNOV'UP feasibility" subsidy, we were able to create Anamnese.


Following our fundraising start 2019, we received a refundable advance from the BPI.

Health Accelerator.

WILCO's Healthcare accelerator allows you to get an honorary loan.

Innovateur dans les secours

ATRAKSIS favorise la tech et l’innovation dans le secours et créé le Tech For Rescue.

Health data.

OVH is our web host approved health data, which guarantees the safety of patient data.

OnePoint Group.

ANAMNESE was hosted at the end of 2017 in the startup Factory of the ONEPOINT group.